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Paramount Auto Body is Committed to Safety

Since 1977, Family-Owned and Operated Paramount Auto Body has performed Auto Body Repairs to the highest standards in the industry.

Our dedication stems from our Commitment to Family, with strong ties that go back to young Tim and Steve Waldren helping out dad Phil in the shop. Now Tim and Steve continue Phil’s legacy, dedicated to operating Paramount to the same standards that have been held in the highest regard now for generations. When you are that close to family, you realize how important it is to keep every member Safe and Sound on the road.

That’s why we take the Art of Auto Body Collision Repair so seriously, out of respect for the importance of Safety, Function and Appearance in every vehicle we repair.

Dedicated to Excellence in Auto Body Repair That is Safe and Sound

When it comes to Auto Body Repairs, Safety, Function and Appearance are the standards by which all work should be done.

And at Paramount, those standards remain our priority.

When you bought your vehicle, safety was most likely top of mind. So shouldn’t it be even more important when it’s being repaired? We use parts that adhere to manufacturer-recommended OEM standards. And make sure that your repaired vehicle not only reflects our quality workmanship on the outside, but that it’s also structurally Safe and Sound.


Paramount Auto Body always does top quality work they always make your car look like it came off the showroom floor after an accident I would recommend them to anyone.

– Leslie R.

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That’s The Paramount Standard!

Paramount’s professional Auto Body Collision Repair and Auto Paint Shop expert technicians are exceptionally qualified to perform a range of services, including:

A close-up of a car mechanic using a metal grinder to cut a car silent block in a vise in an auto repair shop, bright flashes flying in different directions, in the background tools for an auto repair

  • Complete Collision Repair
  • Frame Straightening
  • Automotive Painting with Precision Color Match
  • Glass Replacement
  • Fiberglass Auto Body Repairs
  • Aluminum Auto Body Repairs & Welding
  • Collision-Related Mechanical

Paramount Auto Body Technicians are continually updated on new developments in materials as well as engineering advancements in vehicle manufacturing, so that your repair remains true to the original construction and appearance of your vehicle.

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Important Steps to Follow When You’ve Had an Auto Accident

At the Scene – No Matter Who is at Fault – Whether or Not Police Arrive:

  1. Record name, address and phone number of the other driver.
  2. Take a photo of the other driver’s license and current insurance card.
  3. Take an Audio or Video recorded statement of the incident as told by you AND as told by the other driver.
    This is to protect yourself. Stories change as time passes!
  4. Create written and signed statements.

Front Of White Color Car Crash With Back Side Of Gray Color CarIf You Are At Fault –

Give info to your insurance company.

If They Are At Fault –

Contact the other driver’s insurance company, noting that you can provide a recording of their insured’s statement.

Note that they may contact you trying to assign a percentage of the responsibility for the accident on you, giving them leverage to reduce the portion of the damage repair that they are willing to assume.

It’s important for you to protect yourself by recording their insured’s statement at the scene before anyone starts to alter the facts after the incident!

Know Your Rights!

  1. It is your right to select your collision repair shop of choice, per Nevada State Law.
  2. There is no need to secure multiple estimates. One is all that you need.
  3. Your shop of choice should be the party that submits photos and estimate to the insurance company covering the damage. Leave that to the experts!
  4. Seek Medical and/or Legal Advice if needed, usually depending upon the severity of the incident.

Because of Paramount’s long-standing policy of “Customer First” we  believe in the Importance of an Informed Public.

We at Paramount make it our business to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers who value the education we can deliver regarding the often confusing world of insurance policies and claims process procedures that you encounter in working to achieve a quality repair.

By helping customers understand the facts behind the business of Auto Body Repair, we help support smart, informed decisions from customers engaged in the process.

Tips From Tim and Steve

Knowledge That Pays Off!

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