Sand Damage – Nevadans Take Notice!

You Need to See and Be Seen To Be Safe

Safety concerns related to sand damage or pitting have to do with visibility, which can affect windshield clarity and headlight illumination. Either condition can jeopardize your safety on the road. Know how to address Sand Damage to your vehicle.

Sand Damage Restoration Is Covered

Damage caused by sandstorms and high winds can cause chips and scarring on your hood, bumper, lights and windshield. This type of damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy since it is considered an Act of God, and usually comes with a lower deductible amount than your collision deductible.

Insurance companies typically have an “Appearance Allowance” for damage to mouldings, trim, etc.  This covers a one-time occurrence resulting in damage from a single instance. Sand can also wear away a car’s paint and create conditions that result in rusting.

As long as it’s not related to overall vehicle safety, The Appearance Allowance may be applied to your deductible to offset the repair cost of automotive painting.

Check your policy for this coverage!