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Paramount RV Service Treats the Source, Not the Symptom

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One of the most compelling reasons why you should choose Paramount’s professional RV Service is because you want your service to be handled right the first time.  Instead of chasing the effects of your RV problem, you want an experienced RV Tech who is adept at troubleshooting the issue and getting to the root of the problem that got you here.

The experienced professionals at Paramount RV Service are well-trained in RV diagnostics that lead to effective RV repairs.  When experts know where to look to trace the cause of the problem, it saves you valuable time in getting back on the road.

Paramount’s Professional Capabilities for RV Service are Impressive

Paramount RV Service is not an RV dealer whose main focus is on sales, with the Service component added as an extension of the main business.
Nor is it a body shop claiming to do RV work while having little or no training regarding the intricacies of RV operating systems or construction.

We understand all aspects of RV Service and Repair, including construction, material composition and operating systems. Even the process of ordering RV replacement parts requires years of experience.
Unlike with auto parts, there are no RV parts numbers or VIN number references for the proper parts…on the power of experience in knowing not only the correct part for the repair, but also the best source from which to acquire that part.


Possibly the best RV repair experience I’ve ever had. From the check in lady who was patient and funny as I not-very-clearly tried to explain what repairs I needed, to the repairman who analyzed the problem with with the fridge to Tim the owner who actually called me regarding the body work, I can’t say enough how impressed I was. I almost want to break something just to bring it in again and get treated so nicely!

– Cindy H.

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Paramount’s Range of Expertise for RV Service is Extensive

Our years of experience covers a lot of territory in the RV Service business and allows us to help you with issues ranging from routine RV maintenance to diagnosing the most elusive of problems.

Here are some of the critical areas where our expertise is unmatched and our determination to address the source of the problem results in effective solutions.

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RV Electrical

Perhaps the most elusive RV Repair issues are those involving RV Electrical.

Paramount Service Techs know how to trace and diagnose an RV Electrical problem in the sequence of course points that should be checked…from the switch, to the unit, to the battery, to everywhere in between, searching for any sign of interrupted flow of energy.

We service almost every type of RV Electrical issue and are experienced in both 110 and 12 volt systems.

RV Gas Appliances

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Properly functioning appliances are the stronghold of a reliable RV.

We realize how important it is for you to be vigilant about RV Maintenance to your appliances and operating systems, along with how critical it is for accurate troubleshooting to pinpoint the cause of issues related to your appliances.

Gas Appliance Repair is particularly demanding, especially as it applies to fully functioning stoves and furnaces.

Paramount is certified for RV Gas Appliance Repair and Service and adheres to the standard of making sure to conduct a required Certified Monometer Test to detect any gas leaks after completion of an RV gas appliance repair.

RV Delamination Repair

Not only are the signs of RV Delamination unsightly, but they indicate significant damage being done to the structure of your RV.

More often than not, water damage sustained by the interior and exterior of your RV leads to adhesive breaking away from the wallboard, resulting in the need for Delamination Repair. Best to address it earlier than later, as it signals a problem that will only grow worse.

RV Floor Repair and Restoration

RV interior with laminate floor

Nothing brightens the interior appearance of your RV like floor repair and restoration.  Paramount works with a broad range of flooring materials to perform Linoleum, Laminate and Carpet RV Floor Repair.

We are also experienced in repair resulting from water damage.

RV Floor Repair and Restoration is satisfying for the preservation of the interior appearance of your RV and is a sound decision to insure its durability.

Working plumbing in an RV

RV Plumbing

It goes without saying that RV plumbing is too critical to be left without regular maintenance, service and repair.

Paramount’s RV Service and Repair Professionals are equipped to resolve problems with your black tank, grey tank, freshwater tank, water pump, water heater, water purifying system and even your refrigerator icemaker.

Our expertise extends to water softener and filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems along with faucets, waterlines, pressure valves and even on demand hot water systems.

Important RV Plumbing Tips

Here’s a few important plumbing tips for your RV:

  • Sanitize your RV Fresh Water System after your RV has been in storage for 3 months or longer.
  • Be aware of unnecessary Water Pump Recycling, especially when water use has been minimal.

Have freeze damage to your water lines?
Paramount can fix those, too!

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RV Safety System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of RV Safety Systems like smoke detectors, LP Leak Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors is critical to your safety. With normal use, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Detectors should be replaced every other year.

Paramount’s RV Techs can test and service your detectors and supply you with any replacement parts that you may need from Paramount’s RV Parts Store.

We also sell and install RV Security and Alarm Systems.

More Reasons to Choose Paramount’s State-of-the-Art
RV Service and Repair Facility

Our dedication to both the art and science of quality RV Service, Repair and Maintenance makes us the right choice for a wide range of RV projects, including:

  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • RV Windows and Windshields
  • RV Awning Repair and Replacement
  • RV LP and Gas Issues
  • RV Satellite Systems
  • RV Air Conditioning
  • RV Solar Panels
  • RV Appliance Upgrades
  • RV Decals

See why we say Paramount is Everything RV!

Paramount’s RV Service Repair Guarantee

All work performed by Paramount carries a manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. All other labor in service repair work carries Paramount’s 90-Day Workmanship Warranty.
Paramount’s Warranty must be serviced or approved by Paramount prior to any emergency road repairs that would fall under our Warranty Coverage.

Manufacturers Endorse Us

Over 50 of America’s Leading RV Manufacturers and Suppliers have designated Paramount a Factory-Authorized RV Service, Maintenance and Repair Center in recognition of our extensive knowledge, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

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Customers Trust Us

Since 1977, The Waldren Family has been providing Northern Nevada with quality repairs and exceptional customer service that has made Paramount a valued and trusted resource that has spanned generations.

We work quickly and efficiently to execute your RV Maintenance, Service or Repair to get your RV back where it belongs… on the road… to carry you safely to wherever adventure takes you!

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