Estimate Accuracy Pitfalls – Playing The Numbers Game

Auto Collision Repair Estimate Accuracy Programs Can Deter Complete and Safe Repairs

Auto Collision Repair Estimates are not all created equal. Despite being created for the same damaged vehicle, each can vary greatly in the manner in which it is created. And bear in mind that by Nevada Law you only need one estimate for your repair.

While an Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Program sounds like a good stronghold against unfair practices affecting repair customers, it is anything but that. Instituted by auto insurance companies, the Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy program enforces compliance with Insurance Company Estimate Guidelines.


What this means is that auto body companies operating within these guidelines must write a collision repair estimate that adheres to insurance company mandates, rather than following auto manufacturer recommended practices.
One could only wonder who would know more about a safe and sound repair…insurance companies or the people who designed and build the car.

And here’s what happens…

Because the repair is being managed by insurance company guidelines and estimating, hidden damage that can lead to potential safety hazards can be overlooked.  That damage can also lead to a de-valuation of the vehicle.

Instead, there is failure to notify and report any additional structural damage revealed during the collision repair process, for fear of not making the Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Benchmark (yes, there is such a thing) mandated to auto body companies by insurance companies.


Take a Pass on the Game

The better option is to avoid this situation altogether by choosing a Consumer Advocate auto body shop that operates outside of any Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Program, so that every aspect of damage is carefully noted throughout the repair process, with emphasis not only on cosmetic restoration, but also structural integrity and safety, with fair compensation for completion of thorough repair work that reflects professional dedication with commitment to excellence while putting you first.