Hard Facts About Insurance Company Networks

Think They've Got Your Back? Think Again.

It’s Not Only About the Actual Auto Body Repair, But Also About the Politics of the Repair That You Need to Know to Avoid Being Caught Up in “The Network”.

Estimate Accuracy Pitfalls – Playing The Numbers Game

Insurance Companies vs. Car Manufacturers

While an Auto Collision Estimate Accuracy Program sounds like a good stronghold against unfair practices affecting repair customers, it is anything but that.

Sand Damage – Nevadans Take Notice!

See and Be Seen To Be Safe

Safety concerns related to sand damage or pitting have to do with visibility, which can affect windshield clarity and headlight illumination. Either condition can jeopardize your safety on the road. 

When You’ve Been in an Accident

What to Do – And Why

Front Of White Color Car Crash With Back Side Of Gray Color Car

No Matter Who is at Fault – Whether or Not Police Arrive – Know Your Rights! Learn what to do and who to contact first to protect yourself when you are in an accident.

The Truth Behind Aftermarket Parts

Good for Your Insurance Company, Bad for Your Safety

Insurance companies and Aftermarket Parts suppliers have informed every collision repair shop that it is up to the owner of the vehicle being repaired to identify problems with any repairs utilizing aftermarket parts.

Auto Painting – Blending Art With Science

A Masterful Touch With a Quality Blend

There’s one thing for sure about Auto Painting… It’s either good or bad, and there’s no in between. Automotive Painting requires talent, patience and a good eye for color.