Auto Painting – Blending Art With Science

A Masterful Touch With a Quality Blend

It’s an Art

There’s one thing for sure about Auto Painting… It’s either good or bad, and there’s no in between.

In the area of Cosmetic Restoration, Auto Painting holds its own special place. Automotive Painting requires talent, patience and a good eye for color.

Every vehicle has a paint code, and every paint code has anywhere from 5 to 10 toners that comprise a precise color match. So significant is that toner blend, experienced paint technicians must mix and measure amounts in tenths of grams.

Then comes the art of application, blending and buffing to take the auto paint project to finish under the trained eye and watchful attention to detail of an experienced auto body shop paint technician.

It’s a Science

Not all paints are created equal.

Quality and cost go hand in hand in automotive painting. To cut costs, a common practice is for auto paint shops to buy the cheapest primer/sealer, base coat and clear coat from different manufacturers. The end result of these short-sighted budget measures is a poor match and early peeling.  Both lead to another paint job to correct the cheaper option.

The proof of quality automotive painting workmanship is in the paint along with the master wielding it!