Go Green with RV Solar Panels

Solar Power is Cost-Effective, Clean and Quiet

RV Solar Panels continue to grow in popularity for a variety of reasons.
Not only are they “Earth Friendly”, but solar panels also allow for greater freedom for those who like to take the road less-traveled, since there is no reliance on hookups.

RV Solar Panels can extend battery life, reduce generator use and achieve savings on propane investment.
Here are some additional benefits:

  • Cost-effective Power Source
  • Clean and Quiet, since Solar Panels do not burn fuel or emit odors
  • No Maintenance Required with no breakable parts

The number of Solar Panels that you will need depends on your electrical load, which will help you determine the optimum number of rooftop Solar Panels best-suited to your needs.

Here is what you’ll need to get your RV Solar Panels set up:

  • Panels – Choose from 3 types: Mon-Crystalline, Poly-Crystalline and Amorphous – Each with its own set of benefits with regard to size and efficiency
  • Charge Controller – To regulate the flow of electricity to your batteries
  • Battery Monitor – To track battery levels
  • Inverter – To convert Panel DC Power into AC Power for use in your RV
  • Wire Harness – To maintain charge flow from panels to batteries

Another consideration is a Portable Solar Kit that allows you to relocate your solar panels to greater sunlight when stationary.

You may just discover that in addition to Going Green, Solar Panels allow you to go anywhere!