Factory-Authorized RV Collision Repair Center for Over 50 of America’s Leading RV Manufacturers and Suppliers

Paramount Understands All Aspects of RV Collision Repair Including Construction, Material Composition and Operating Systems

What this means to you is that by bringing your RV to Paramount, you are entrusting it to an RV Collision Repair Center that has earned the endorsement of over 50 RV Manufacturers and Suppliers who have recognized our expertise in servicing and repairing the RV’s they have built to the standards they have set. 

Manufacturer OEM Standards set the high bar for repairs that are solid and safe and are not open to compromise!

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Paramount Technicians Conduct Important Safety Checks With Each Repair

Structural Soundness

As with any foundation, flaws can skew and even endanger the entire structure.

The same holds true with the frame of your RV, which is why it’s important to make sure that every frame is inspected for issues ranging from cracks and splintering to broken welds during the course of every RV repair.

Suspension Alignment

In the case of a motorized coach repair, a routine check of the suspension alignment to confirm that it adheres to manufacturer specifications is critical.  It will insure that your RV will stay true to the line of the road during travel.


Hands down an outstanding experience. We had damage to our travel trailer and we are newbies. Extremely professional, transparent on the work, great ideas on how to solve problems.

– Nathan A.

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No Matter What It’s Made Of

Our experienced and highly trained techs are inherently familiar with the range of materials that comprise today’s RV’s.

Fiberglass – Combining Art with Science

RV fiberclass repairRV Fiberglass Repair should be beautiful, yet durable.  This requires extensive knowledge of not only the properties of fiberglass composition, load capacities and even elasticity, but also the precision mixing of color.  

Fiberglass damage is almost never confined to the surface point of impact, so it is only through extensive examination that the entire scope of damage can be addressed.  Only then can a Fiberglass Repair be effective, with adequate reinforcement to not only the front of the repair, but also to the back.

Camper being pulled by pickup truckGelcoat – Applying the Finishing Touch

Gelcoat seals porous fiberglass against the elements and enhances your RV’s overall appearance by reflecting color while providing a glossy finish.

If damage is left untreated, it will only grow, allowing water to permeate the material beneath and compromise the integrity of your RV.

Gelcoat Repair should be as invisible as possible, necessitating a meticulous color match and incredibly smooth finish, requiring the experienced touch of our RV Gelcoat Refinishing Professional.

Metal camper trailer

Aluminum and Stainless Steel – Understanding the Properties of Metal

Paramount RV Techs specialize in Aluminum Siding and Stainless Steel Repairs.

Precision installation combines knowledge gained through experience, skill and deftness in material handling to achieve a professional repair that not only restores appearance but also protects against damaging elements of Nature.

Camping with an RV

Filon – Considering the Source

Filon is the trade name for the thin fiberglass shield often used in lamination of RV Panels.

Typically laminated to luan or cardboard backing for RV panels and walls, filon repair can be a tricky business for the inexperienced.  While small cosmetic repairs can be made, it’s important to investigate the cause to make sure it isn’t indicative of a greater issue, like water damage  that may require wall replacement. 

Paramount is a Factory-Authorized Collision Repair Facility Because We Make Sure That Manufacturer Integrity, Stability and Safety Are Critical Components of Your RV Repair.

Paramount’s RV Service Repair Guarantee

All work performed by Paramount carries a manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. All other labor in service repair work carries Paramount’s 90-Day Workmanship Warranty.
Paramount’s Warranty must be serviced or approved by Paramount prior to any emergency road repairs that would fall under our Warranty Coverage.

Manufacturers Endorse Us

Over 50 of America’s Leading RV Manufacturers and Suppliers have designated Paramount a Factory-Authorized RV Service, Maintenance and Repair Center in recognition of our extensive knowledge, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

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Customers Trust Us

Since 1977, The Waldren Family has been providing Northern Nevada with quality repairs and exceptional customer service that has made Paramount a valued and trusted resource that has spanned generations.

We work quickly and efficiently to execute your RV Maintenance, Service or Repair to get your RV back where it belongs… on the road… to carry you safely to wherever adventure takes you!